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Pest Control in Lewes – East Sussex

Lewes is an old market town and the county town of East Sussex, formerly of all Sussex found within the boundaries of the South Downs National Park.

Lewes has provided many pest control call outs over the years. Old property renovations have uncovered various pests and many seasonal occurrences of wasps have been dealt with in the town and the surrounding villages.

On one recent occasion in Lewes a faulty, broken air-brick obscured by overgrown vegetation had provided an entry point for rats, once in the fabric of the building they had moved about freely.

The correct amount of poison placed effectively proved irresistable and a couple of visits later all was under control.

Very often if people try their own pest control of rodents, they tend to place minimal amounts of poison to generally eke out the amount of weak poison obtained from a retailer. This is the wrong approach, rats should be fed generously from the start and all potential feeding points noted and acted upon.

Thoroughness is essential and a case of mice in Lewes in a house occupying many different levels meant opening of eaves cupboard recess points and loft spaces. A good quality wax block bait gained control within a couple of weeks.

This area and it’s surrounding villages has also provided the instances of mink control I have carried out over the years.

One notable case saw a mink enter an aviary of ornamental pheasants and decimate most of them on that occasion. He was definitely going to come back and a well placed group of spring traps in hand built tunnels at floor level saw a large dog mink caught the next day.

Of course cage traps can be used and I have had good success along water courses with these well baited with a meat or fish product. Mink have to be dispatched within the cage once caught.

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