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  • Holes in clothes
  • Cocoon type ‘cases’ found.
  • Adult moths seen in carpets

Often treated by DIY products such as moth balls, moth strips, moth paper,

An infestation of moths if left or not noticed for some time can cause significant damage to textiles and furnishings.

It is a useful practice to remove and expose to natural light any long term stored clothes.

Modern day mothballs and their equivalent are useful in wardrobes and chest of drawers, however once larvae ‘cases’ are seen at the edges of rooms, often in dark recesses it’s time to have a professional treatment carried out.

Typically a low odour wettable powder chemical is applied with the householder and pets being out while work is carried out.

No vacuuming follows for a fortnight and a gradual end to the infestation occurs.

We provide a professional service for the control of Moths in East and West Sussex.

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