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Pest Control in Eastbourne – East Sussex

Eastbourne is a Victorian seaside resort and my home town which has provided a great deal of work over the years with many domestic situations and of course the hotel and catering trade.

In recent years incidences of bed bug infestations have become a lot more common and Eastbourne has not escaped the trend.

The hotel trade is hit hard by this pest which is difficult to control and damaging to reputations. This pest needs a thorough approach from day one and will not be eradicated with one flying visit. Access to all areas and a spray application or use of a ULV machine will be required. No DIY product is ever going to realistically offer control of this pest. A notable case in Eastbourne has seen multiple visits needed to a hotel room by room on at least three occasions. It’s not a cheap process or a quick fix.

Many commercial enterprises within Eastbourne have to take pro-active measures against rodent infestations.

Today the modern pest control industry has an array of products that are discreet and safe to use. Mice are one issue and no-one wants to share their home with a rat. Over the years in Eastbourne I have dealt with literally hundreds of cases of rat infestations, from rats in hotel basements to rats sat under the kitchen sink. They need to be dealt with as a top priority as they cause a great deal of damage and are a significant disease risk.

I don’t believe the statement that we are never more than six feet from a rat, many places have none, yet rats are opportunists and situations can change rapidly!

The downland surrounding this area like many other areas has farmland that sometimes suffers from too high a concentration of rabbits in certain areas.

There are many methods of control available from cage trapping in a clients garden, to shooting or ferreting in open spaces.

Ferreting is particularly quiet, clean and effective, not long term perhaps, but nothing is with rabbits, however seasonally and properly carried out it is efficient.

A particular visit to a farm last winter saw a hedgerow that needed attention. The various small burrows within held a number of rabbits that ventured out into the adjoining field taking grass, important for the sheep and other stock, and digging more holes – dangerous for the farm’s horse population.

A day’s work with ferrets and nets saw a good number caught. The burrows will be re-occupied quickly enough but it’s all about a little control not decimation.

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