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Pest Control in Heathfield – East Sussex

Many years ago before I started to work independently, Heathfield was a regular area I covered whilst working for a small company. I’ve worked in it and driven through it ever since.

In notably busy wasp years this is one area that has provided a lot of work. As well as the more common places, some of these pests have been in bizarre locations.

An old abandoned chest of drawers with a drawer or two slightly open within a greenhouse once provided a large colony of wasps that had deterred the owner from any hope of getting into the greenhouse and not much chance of enjoying the garden.

A calm approach, wearing the correct protective clothing and application of a suitable chemical soon brought things back to normal. Similar difficulties may be encountered when wasps make use of an old roll of carpet left unwanted somewhere, an unpleasant discovery awaits someone.

This is also an area where I have carried out a lot of ant control over the years. Ants are really just a nuisance pest, yet people often get very frustrated over their attempts to bring about control with a range of cheap products.

Modern professional insecticides are odour free and clean to use, if you have a particular problem with ants it’s worth getting a professional treatment.

Nests found in the garden are of no real concern and not a great deal can be done with them anyway.

A recent case in a residential setting in Heathfield saw me providing a perimeter band spray application around the house, windowsills, air-bricks, pipework, floor and wall junctions were all covered and within a short space of time no more ants were seen.

These applications normally last a season. They are not as cheap as puffing some powder about but modern professional chemicals are effective. and less harmful than having powder lying about which obviously is potentially dangerous to children and pets.

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