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Pest Control in Haywards Heath – West Sussex

Another area that has provided an array of varied call outs over the years.

Recent cases have involved rats taking refuge under garden decking (drawn in by bird food again) and many instances of wasps, bees (certain types) and hornets.

The various houses, particularly those with hung tile elevations provide many cases of wasp nests each year requiring some dexterity and a willingness to work at height. Modern insecticides are very effective once accuracy is obtained by the pest controller.

Like many areas the surrounds of Haywards Heath have had a good number of hornets over the years. The size of these insects often intimidates people, treating them is not a DIY proposition, but a typical nest holds no where near as many individuals as a wasp nest does.

Hornets like bumblebees can be relocated if a suitable relocation site can be found.

A calm approach goes a long way in dealing with any bees, wasps or hornets.

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