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Insect and rodent control in Sussex

Over 25 years experience in Pest Control
We can help with all types of insect & rodent problem

Pest Control in Domestic, Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural Premises in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire.

Customer Comment :

Dear Mr Cook,

I am writing to express my great satisfaction with the prompt service of your company, in dealing with and eradicating the presence of some vermin in our loft.
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Commercial Maintenance Contracts
From - 50 per visit

We can provide commercial maintenance contracts to comply with current legislation for small retail and catering outlets in Sussex.

Please call on 0800 092 9882 or 0800 056 0222 to discuss your requirements.

Common Rat

New legislation

Changes to legislation from June 2016 require a certified person to lay rodenticides in farm situations.

Call us now for special rates before legislation becomes active.

Call on 0800 092 9882 or 0800 056 0222 to discuss your requirements.

FREEPHONE - 0800 092 9882 or 0800 056 0222
Mobile - 07767 875626

** 60 - 90 minutes Response Time in Sussex where possible

Protect Pest Control provide a fast and effective service dealing with the eradication of pests including:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Fleas
  • Flies
  • Wasps Nests
  • Bees
  • Hornets
  • Ants
  • Woodlice
  • Cockroaches
  • Bugs,
  • Moths
  • Textile Pests
  • Squirrels.

The Proprietor is an Associate of the Royal Society of Health with more than 25 years experience in Pest Control and qualified to DIP RSH Level 2 Standard (Royal Society of Health Diploma).

We Provide a High Quality Service at Very Competitive Prices.

  • We provide a fast response to call-outs - NO CALL OUT CHARGE.
  • Products used in homes are suitable for domestic use and measures are taken to prevent hazards to occupants, children, pets and non-target species.
  • All work is carried out in accordance with COSHH Compliance Regulations - Health & Safety Data sheets are left on site.
  • All our work is fully guaranteed.
  • Maintenance Contracts undertaken.
  • We charge the same rates throughout the county regardless of location - no mileage charges.
  • We do not leave a mess behind!

Number of Visits Required

The number of visits required during typical treatments are as follows:

  • Rodents, including squirrels - three visits.
  • Bed bugs and cockroaches - minimum of three visits.
  • Wasps and hornets one visit only required.
  • Fleas, flies, ants and woodlice - typically one visit.
  • Moths and spiders are surveyed and customer advised as to likelihood of repeats being necessary.

Call now on the Freephone number above to discuss your requirements or fill-in our e-mail form

Weed Control Service

We also provide a weed control service for residential properties in Eastbourne and Sussex.

This service provides control of weeds on driveways, patios and paths using approved, safe chemicals for which we are fully certified and insured.

For more information and a quotation for your property please call FREEPHONE - 0800 092 9882 or 0800 056 0222


Information about some of the insects and rodents we are called out to deal with:

Bumble Bee
Mason Bee
Bumble Bee
Size 10 -15 mm
Season April-July.
Size 12 - 20 mm
Season May-October
Size 20 - 35 mm
Season March-October
Mason Bee
Size 10 - 15 mm
Season April-July

Habitat: Almost anywhere - Nests in the ground.

The bright yellow collar and white tail help to identify this bee.

It lives in colonies containing three castes - queens, males and workers. 

The workers are the most numerous.

The queens resemble workers but are mush bigger.

Males are less common and often differ with pattern.

Habitat: Woods, hedgerows and other rough places: nests in holes, often in buildings:.

The Common Wasp (V. vulgads) is the wasp that buzzes around our food in late summer.

Look for the prominent bulge on the yellow thoracic stripe.

The face usually has three black spots, and workers and queens have four yellow spots at the rear of the thorax.

Wings are folded along the sides of the body at rest. 

The queen is much bigger than the worker.


Habitat: Anywhere with trees, including gardens.

Europe's largest social wasp, the Hornet is easily recognised by its brown and gold pattern. Note the deeply notched eyes, typical of the social wasps.

It nests in hollow trees and other cavities and feeds its grubs on other insects, including butterflies.

The adults, less aggressive than most other wasps, enjoy fruit and also drink sap oozing from damaged trees

Habitat: Almost anywhere with sufficient flowers and nest sites: common in gardens.

This plump, rounded bee has a black thorax and reddish hairs on the abdomen - much denser in.. the female, shown here, than in the male.

The female is noticeably larger than the male and has two small black horns just under her eyes.

Females make mud nests in a variety of cavities, often tunneling in the mortar of old walls if they cannot find existing holes.

Mason Wasp
House Mouse
Common Rat


Mason Wasp
Size 9 - 13 mm
season April-September

Size 15 - 30 mm
season ALL year


House Mouse
Size 70 - 92 mm 
season ALL year 


Common Rat
Also known as the Brown Rat
season ALL year

Habitat: Almost anywhere with trees, rocks or walls in which it can nest: common around houses.

One of many similar solitary wasps that make their nests with mud or clay.

They are not easy to distinguish because many of the diagnostic features are on the underside, but this species usually has a square black mark at the front of the abdomen.

It nests in all kinds of crevices. The nest is stocked with small caterpillars.

Habitat: Heated buildings, including greenhouses, and also in coal mines and sewers.

In the male the abdomen is almost entirely covered by the forewings, but in the female (above) the forewings are reduced to tiny flaps.

These cockroaches are agile and run very fast. Neither sex can fly.

This insect originally came from Asia and North Africa and is known as the black beetle or oriental cockroach. 

It is basically a scavenger living on rubbish tips and buildings with a food supply.

Habitat: Although it is often found in woods and fields, for the most part this rodent is seen in the immediate neighbourhood of buildings, especially where there are stored foods.

Colonies of mice have even been found in large meat refrigerators, in perpetual darkness and at temperatures below freezing.

Breeding is continuous all year round and mice living in dwelling houses average 5 litters a year with 5 young in each litter.  

Though it's natural food is grain, it will eat practically anything edible, and it can exist with little water.

Habitat: Rats have kept close to man.

Where man is, there is food and shelter whether for himself or his domestic animals. When man loads his ships with grain and other foodstuffs, rats have tended to go with them.

They even get into bales of merchandise and are conveyed in the holds of ships; or failing that, there are always mooring ropes to serve as bridges from the quay to the vessel.

The result has been that, over and above the original natural spread, rats have been carried unwittingly by man to all corners of the globe. The arrival of the common rat in this country was only one small stage in the process.

Hornet eviction from a bird box.

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Hornet eviction from a bird box.

Above and left :  A large hornet evicted from a bird box 

Right:  Humane rat feeder. 

Humane Rat Feeder.

Bumble Bee Cockroach Hornet Mason Wasp Mason Bee Wasp

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